Many people ask me what is the Akashic records. It is an energy field that is in inside of us or the spirit self. It is not around us but part of us. It is like a internet superhighway of information that is part of us from the inception of our soul. It is what makes us uniquely US and like our spirit fingerprint. The energy field of our soul is connected to Divine Source. When I’ve asked my guides what that looks like, it looks like the explosion of a supernova. When a star burns out, there’s a brilliant explosive light. That is the analogy they showed me is the same visual as when our soul is born.

Connecting to that energy field is what I do in the Akashic Record. To put it in layman’s terms, It is a Google search for our souls, I am simply the voice of Siri. So if you say I want to go to California, my voice is saying “go left; go right” and I am just channeling this from your own energy field.