In this group setting, Candi                               ce will do a live channeled message for the group and answer questions as to what is holding you back in areas of love, abundance, career, and spiritual growth.

The process for an Akashic Healing Circle is Candy will ask the group for permission to open your Akashic Records. You can quietly say “yes” and the process will begin.

Candy will ask four questions from the Record Keepers, Angels and Guides:

What is the common thread of the group?
What are we here to learn as a group?
Is there any blocks in this group to prevent us from achieve our ultimate outcome (previously set)?
Can we release them now?
We will then thank the Record Keepers, Angels and Guides for their insight and wisdom and close the records.

During this Akashic Healing Circle, we will release blocks and you will experience a taste of what it is to heal in the Akashic Records.

We will record the Akashic Healing Circle and send you the recording