“Although we’ve always found work around the area of energy and spirits to be intriguing and felt there could be some truth behind it, never in our wildest imaginations did we think we would turn to this work for guidance and direction – particularly for our business.

We were lost.  We were working on our brand and our messaging and while we believed we had direction, everything we came up with simply did not resonate.  And the harder we tried, the worse it got. We were digging ourselves into a hole and our mindset was following. While trying to appeal to a particular audience, we were sacrificing our true essence.  Our message was out of alignment with who we are. Candy sensed this.

Our first meeting with Candy left us uplifted and hopeful – she had stopped the downward spiral. The process continued and was truly amazing. It was fun, stimulating and entertaining (as Candy always is) and we gained insights, awareness and, most importantly, much needed clarity.

We never imagined that our business could have an energy, but it did, and it does.  Once we connected with that energy – and it is real – we were empowered to stand in our true essence, our truth. Candy has a genuine interest in seeing us succeed and we now won’t hesitate to turn to her again.  She will be our go-to person when we encounter future roadblocks.”

Bill and Judy